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Private View – “Drawing – A Thought Line”

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Upper Level Exhibition, curated by Sarah Ettlinger

«Drawing – A Thought Line» is one of the 3 parallel exhibitions that form the artAZ Private View Art Trilogy.
The exhibition focuses on works that emphasize Line-Form-Emotion.

SARAH ETTLINGER, The Curator says:
During discussions with Alexandra Kollarow of artAZ to build a new collaborative platform I was asked to curate an independent parallel show for the upper level of the PRIVATE VIEW exhibition, Athens 2014. I decided to focus on drawing, partly due to the intimacy of the given space, but also I have always loved the modesty and informality of drawing. “Pencil on Paper” has become a comparatively recent and significant curatorial form. Perhaps this is because drawing was always considered ‘the secret in art” where the sketch is a direct channel to the artist’s thoughts. For this reason, I wanted to focus on works that emphasize Line-Form-Emotion. I have selected a variety of works that use linear techniques to focus upon the aesthetic, emotional and intellectual. Each artist approaches drawing in a very different way, addressing quite different issues. The connecting factor is simply that all the works are reliant on line to convey the thought or meaning. 


John Bicknell, Sarah Ettlinger, GeorgeTserionis, Eleni Kotsoni, Yiannis Christakos.

Eleni Kotsoni has assembled over the years her own dictionary of motifs derived from Ancient Greece and folk art. She uses line to create a web which connects and disconnects her on-going thoughts, experiences which in turn snares eclectic objects & motifs into her work.

Georgios Tserionis is proficient in a number of mediums and applies his ideas without boundaries and yet his linear techniques are omnipresent, creating imaginary and/or realistic landscapes that can incorporate horned animals within a collaged Garden of Eden.

John Bicknell’s recent ‘No man’s land’ drawings are set in a nameless landscape reminiscent of the sets of Samuel Becket within which images of isolation and depravity confront the terrain of solitude. The cowboy, the killer, the masochist and the sadist, as human archetypes perform absurd rituals which exemplify themes of survival, violence and sexuality. 

Sarah Ettlinger presents a series of drawings 'Scratch Bone Marrow' that depict private moments, created during a stay in hospital while her baby underwent surgery. She uses line to create both realistic and doodle forms that suggest the trauma and calm of a life-threatening experience.

Yiannis Christakos uses elaborate interlinking linear marks which map topographical contours into abstract artworks. These beautiful images transpose the viewer into unknown yet recognizable landscapes.


«Drawing – A Thought Line» is presented at the exhibition space’s upper level.

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