Alex in Wonderland, ACT II:

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there

Α curatorial proposal examining the allure of art and the relationship between different art forms through an eclectic collection of works reflecting the creative energy of our times.
The exhibition opens at The Project Gallery, Athens, Greece, on Friday 6 November 2020.

An artwork from the Alex in Wonderland 2 exhibition


Unpredictable events have drastically altered our circumstances and the world, as we know it, is no longer there. The new normal is well outside everyone’s comfort zone, appearing almost surreal. It feels as if we are part of a bizarre fairy tale, anxiously bargaining for a happy end.


In the face of chaos, artistic activity has not ceased. Artists continue doing what they know best: capturing emotions and creating dreams without employing words, using their images to give us all the kiss of life.


«Art has always been comforting people in trying times, it is an archetypal survival tool. There is no such thing as giving up for artists: they persevere, continuing to produce art to save the soul, both their and ours.» notes curator Alexandra Kollaros.


The recently created works, authentic psychograms of the artists’ and the collective subconscious alike, illustrate a broad range of emotions, like the ones we all experience: from hope and awkwardness to irritation and daydreaming. The need to believe in something eventually triumphs, there is a suggestive promise that everything will be all right.

Through a diverse group of artists the exhibition explores the boundaries between different art forms and the power of context to direct the relationship between image and audience. Multiversity doesn’t just regard scale, colour and material, but extends to the style and type of the exhibits; from naturalistic painting to street art portraiture, from typographic installations to embroidered tableaus, from life-size animal sculptures to kinetic art. An experimental soundtrack, especially composed for the exhibition by pianist Lefki Karpodini and composer Periklis Liakakis, accompanies the show, infusing a different art form into the mix. The different elements merge to create a timeless, magical Wonderland we are invited to explore through this contemporary proposal that highlights the work of artists worth knowing and supporting now.


At the dawn of a new era, at a time tinted with uncertainty art offers a way out, acting as the glue that keeps the fabric of our society together.


Art is the answer.

Participating artists:

Dimitra Chanioti · Sarah Ettlinger · Heart Factory · Panagiotis Ferentinos · Vassilis Georgiou · Christos Ghionis · Itsmi · Vasilis Karouk · Kalliopi Kouklinou · George Koutsouris · Loula Leventi · Dimitris Liossis & Harrison Lambert · Paraskevi · Kostas Protopapas · Argiris SER · Maria Spyraki · The Krank · Katerina Tsaligopoulou · Iakovos Volkov · Constantine Vraziotis.

«Art has always been comforting people in trying times,
it is an archetypal survival tool.»

The Curator

Alexandra Kollaros is actively promoting

 contemporary art for the past 26 years,

aiming to make it accessible to all,

through a diverse array of cultural initiatives.


She is the author of «Greek Art from A to Z».



Portrait of pianist Lefki Karpodini and composer Periklis Liakakis

The Soundtrack

Pianist Lefki Karpodini & composer Periklis Liakakis

are the creative forces behind the AIW 2 official soundtrack.

Shifting away from classical tunes and combining

electronic music with contemporary improvisation

the renowned musicians especially composed

the soundtrack on the occasion of the exhibition.

The show constitutes the second instalment of the Alex in Wonderland art trilogy (2011-), a series of exhibitions that, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s «Alice’s adventures in Wonderland», initiate the viewer into the magical aspect of art.


We are glad you are visiting the exhibition’s microsite. Parallel to this webpage and the physical space you can visit another version of the show: an interactive virtual reality gallery, where the visitor can navigate the space in 3D, zoom in the artworks and enjoy details up close. While at our virtual space you can also listen to the show’s exclusive soundtrack and browse the artworks’ PDF.

The exhibition’s online viewing room will open on 15/11/2020. 


Alex in Wonderland, ACT II: If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there


Curated by: Alexandra Kollaros

Location: The Project Gallery, 3 Normanou St., 1st Floor, Monastiraki, Athens

Opening: Friday 6 November 2020, 15:00 – 21:00

Duration: 7-29 November 2020

Visiting days & hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00 – 18:00

Experimental Soundtrack: Lefki Karpodini & Periklis Liakakis

Supported by: artAZ, Couleur Locale

Media Sponsor: Kroma magazine

Online Viewing Rooms: Opening 10/11/2020

Virtual gallery: Opening 15/11/2020

For further info: 213043 6954

The exhibition’s parallel program will be announced at the event’s facebook page.  

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An Alexandra Kollaros art event